Thursday, September 27, 2012


Sprayground's Gold Brick mini duffle bag

I ran into Uncle Ess coming out of the FUSE building and the first thing that caught my eye was the NUGGET of a backpack he was sporting.  Foil-y gold and so fresh, it had my name written all over it! 
Uncle Ess aka Esteban Serrano in
Sprayground's Gold Brick backpack
(available at

SPRAYGROUND's founder/designer, David Ben David (also known as DBD), knows just how to conceptualize the shape of an ordinary backpack and turn it into an element of modern and whimsical design. 

His famous fans include the likes of singer/artist Chris Brown, singer Baiyu, rapper Two Chains, and actor/rapper Jaden Smith.


Sprayground designer/founder
 David Ben David,
sporting pieces from his
Camo Shark Collection

Designer David Ben David grew up in Miami painting, skating, surfing, and always on the go, packing his whole life in his backpack.  All DBD could find were bags of the same old solid colors and shapes that had no fashion appeal.  After attending The School of Visual Arts for Product Design, it only made sense for DBD to develop his own art inspired backpack line.  DBD creates striking backpacks that are technically designed and extremely functional.  With strong attention to craftsmanship and high quality materials, DBD has revolutionized the bag industry.
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The X-Ray Coco & Breezy Backpack

Sprayground’s sleek construction and hidden features visually stand out from its category and really create a bold statement.  Sprayground can be found in today's hottest boutiques and retail stores in over 8 countries.  Sprayground Bags are made from durable polyester fabric and feature a sleek construction with hidden features, such as velour Laptop, Tablet and sunglass compartments, ergonomic padded back support, and stash pockets- just to name a few.  With its advanced functionality that has become our signature, Sprayground is the brand that lets everyone express themselves. 
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Lil Ben backpack (coming to the site October 10th),
Money Stacks large duffle, Spraycan large duffle
"Call me Mr. President or call me
Mr. Ever Care or Mr. Everywhere
or Mr. Never Care or Mr. Never Scared..."

(Dear Lil Ben backpack, you will be mine. Sincerely, RD)